The problem with batteries…

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Doing my daily commute is normally filled with either 3Ds games or texting people. However today my 3DS ran out of juice. Plus it’s Friday so everyone else is busy making plans. 

So I went browsing on the net and found some articles on what to do on a commute. This is what they came up with:

  • Listen to music. 
  • Play games. 
  • Read.
  • Write. 
  • Start a business.
  • Blog.

The problem with most of them is that they all require a bit of preparation before a commute and sadly I’m already on my three hour commute. So that really only leaves blogging, which is fine. 

So for the past week and maybe a half I’ve been doing a little experiment with my smartphone. I’ve deleted all social apps except one which allows me to receive picture messaging. I’ve also deleted all online accounts from my phone including email. The aim is to make it as distraction free as possible. The only problem I’ve found with this is that when you need a distraction your limited to the Internet. Which isn’t actually that bad as many websites have better Web apps than phone apps such as Facebook and Twitter. They load a lot faster and less prone to bugs and normally get updates sooner than mobile apps. 

It has also left me with just under 16GB of storage for photos. Which is great considering my phone has such a great camera. 

I would advise anyone with a smartphone to try it for at least a week to see how they find it. You may not like it, you may love it. And for those in the middle ground, you may delete the apps that have Web apps either to save space or because it is a better experience. 



Kindle Touch Bug

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Before we start, I usually read all my books on a Kindle Touch. This is because its smaller than most books and it is easier to buy new reads. It is also quicker.

So yesterday (20.09.2012) I was reading The wise man’s fear. It was going really well, got past the 50% mark and was really getting it. Accidentally turned the page, now if you press on the top left of the screen it will go back a page, normally. But it didn’t, it kept moving page forward and sometimes gets locked in a cycle of the same two pages.

In the end, I had to use the Go To function to get to the right page. This really annoyed me. This has happened multiple times and is really annoying. I wish I spent less on the normal version. But since Kindle have one of the biggest book stores behind it I’m not going to abandon it. Next generation I hope they fix this bug.

In other news, I feel like today is going to be a pain. Already lost my keys…I’ll update tomorrow regarding if it is. But I guess at least it’s Friday. Oh and I’ve also been told that I have to book more holiday. But only have 3 months to do it in. Any ideas? Got 12 days to book.

iPhone 5

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So yesterday the iPhone 5 was announced. With all it’s specs. But should you buy one?

The screen is half an inch bigger, which is a big plus as the Samsung Galaxy SIII has a very big screen. The processor is twice as powerful as the iPhone 4s, plus it supports 4G speeds. It is also slightly thinner than the 4s.

Sounds good so far, but if you compare it to the 4S nothing really has changed, plus both will benefit from IOS 6. If you’ve currently got a 4S and your contract hasn’t expired wait it out. Assuming the 5 will follow its predecessors, the iPhone 5s/gs will be out 2014, which is when most 4s contracts end and will be much better than the 5 and the 4s.

One big minus is the new connector, this means all docks prior to the iPhone 5 won’t be comparable. There is an adapter but it’s £25!! If you wait, more docks will come with the new port, plus third party adapters will be available which will be considerable cheaper.

All in all, got an iPhone 4 get a iPhone 5. Got an iPhone 4s, wait until the next version. And new to IOS devices, get which ever one you like.


The Gadget Show | iPhone 5 official: Massive screen, super speed, iOS 6 and more! by The Gadget Show

I’ve got a Porsche…and a Blackberry.

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There have been many pictures flying around of the new Porsche designed Blackberry. The difference between it and other Blackberry phones is probably just a cosmetic one.

“the Porsche phone has an aggressive metallic facade and harsh angles.” –

The Blackberry 9980 will take a daring step in changing the nice curvy image of the Blackberry phones of the past and gives it the German touch, with straight lines and very small curves.  Many fans will probably go against the idea, since they like the current Blackberry design.

Personally I would love to own one, mainly because of it being so different. The only downside is that keyboard doesn’t look very comfortable and will the buttons light up when it’s dark?

Only time will tell, as it is released on the 27th, hopefully will be in my price range.

Blackberry Porsche

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BlackBerry Apology

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Good news BlackBerry owners: “BLACKBERRY is saying sorry to its users left furious by last week’s outages by offering them free apps worth more than £60.” See the article here.

Awesome, except they choose the apps, and the two so far are a bit useless for the majority of blackberry owners. An app that reads out texts (other smartphones already have this) and a game which is in German.

But at least they are trying, I would rather have 3 more days added to the contract. Though again that would be useless for people on contracts, as I’m on payg.

What do you think?