Camp Nano July 2013


Hi All, sorry it’s been so long. Been busy with life.

The main topic today is Camp Nanowrimo for July 2013. If you haven’t heard of it before, it is where writers from all over the world write a novel in a month. Nanowrimo in November is the main event, while the two camps which I believe are in April and July are a bit more relaxed on the word count.

I’ve set my target at 30,000 words, so far I have written 11K words, so I am on target, so what is this story about and what has happened so far?

The book is called “The Adventures of the Last Simicaí”, this is just a temporary title until I have completed the book, if I create a sequel then that will be the name of the series. But I probably won’t make one until next year’s Nanos. This November I’m hoping to return to The Unbroken book I was writing last November. Anyway back to the subject of the current book. It follows the adventures of Kenneth, a Simicaí which is a cross between a human and a monkey. They basically have a tail and are far more agile than humans and a bit shorter. So they are undistinguishable from humans when in clothing. So far in the book Ken has been sent to train at the local forest archery range to train so that he can go save his friend and the person that they were with when a wizard appeared.

I will try to keep an update at least once a week, this will hopefully motivate me to hit the target long before the end of the month.


Progress NaNoWrimo

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So it’s been 5 days of solid writing for the NaNoWrimo 50,000 word challenge. I was on track Saturday and then yesterday I had other commitments to attend to.

Luckily due to the amount of extra words I built up in the previous few days, I only have to add about 200 words to my target for today. I have already done a brief outline of the next chapter and will hopefully get it completed by tonight. Though I have to clear out a full cupboard which needs reorganising.

So you want to know about my book? then see below:

The Unbroken


The tribe he knows and loves is starting to hate him. They have declared open war on a nearby lord. And have also declared not-so-open war on him. They have taken away everything from him his chance at a family and his past. So what will he do to avenge them? Or will he sit back and let them take control of his life?


Devran Malberry (AKA. Dev) – The main protagonist of the story, he loses a precious thing early on and it set’s him off on a journey that will turn him from a mere man into a legend.

The Seer – The leader of the Herc tribe that Dev is part of. Suspicious and scheming only those closest to him know his real motives for taking over a city.

Lord Richard Somme – Lord of Avile, and legend of his time. Part of the three lords that saved the nation from the underlings.

Harry Seed (Aka. Seedy) – Dev’s closest friend and will follow him to his death.

Page – Somme’s errand boy, but for some reason Richard believes he can be so much more. Training and a path to enlightenment shall follow.

So that’s all I’m giving you!