2 Years Today

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Logged in to WordPress today and had a little notification that I have been blogging for two years on WordPress.

Over the past two years I have been trying to find a subject to blog about, that I consistently write about. And as you can see I have kinda succeeded in that area, except I keep forgetting to blog!

From this day forward I will try to blog more regularly and it will be mostly be about gaming and the odd review on Apps that I use.

I was going to do a summary of the past posts, but that will be in future post.


100th Post!

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Monster Hunter Tri

Monster Hunter Tri (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Woo, get out the champagne and all the other party essentials. I’ve hit 100 posts. Took me a few years, but we’re finally here.

I expected to make a post yesterday, but life has gotten in the way again… Well Monster Hunter, it is very addictive. At least 24 hours have now been logged on that game. And that will only be a tiny part of the actually amount I will continue to play.

So what has happened in the past 100 posts?

The main event was meeting my fiancée Amy and deciding to spend the rest of our lives together. I definitely believe that was the greatest decision I have ever made.

The second and no less important event, is that I became a dad, to Amelia. She is the most wonderful and intelligent person I have met. And cannot wait to see what she will be like in a few years.

The least important event, is that I’ve gone back to drawing woo! It’s so nice to be able to properly do some drawings for once.

So it has been pretty good so far, can’t wait to see the next 100. See you there!

Day 1 of NaNoWriMo

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So I’m actually writing this post on 31st Oct instead of the date of the post for a number of reasons:

  • Need to write 1667 words
  • Need to focus on novel
  • Will probably use blog as an excuse,

I have the plot, characters and locations planned. Just waiting to see if I can commit to that target.

Good luck to everyone attempting the challenge!


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Sorry for no updates in about 4 days. Usually I don’t post at the weekend, but I had a case of food poisoning so couldn’t really post anything without feeling nauseous.

Still not feeling 100% but well enough to go work.

P.S. Just want to thank my partner Amy looking after me, even though I was acting like a grumpy old man.

New Author – Amy

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I would like to introduce Amy to the blog, she will be posting new content at a designated rota during next month due to the 50,000K word novel challenge.

I will be really busy with this challenge, so hopefully there will still be daily posts or at least every two days.

DVD Filled Weekend

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My weekend was filled full of DVDs, partly because my dad and brother came over, partly because Amy bought some new ones. Sounds like a very lazy weekend does it not?


First film we watched was Jumanji, I haven’t watched this since VHS was the main media and DVDs were only a concept. Just a quick summary A board game was found in 1969 by a young boy. He disappears after playing it. 26 years later, the game is found again by two siblings who later release the other boy and many troublesome events occur. I loved this film then, and I still love it now. Would be nice for some sequel.

Scared Shrekless

Second and third were two short films involving Shrek and his buddies. It’s called scared Shrekless. It was relatively funny and they revisited a few characters. But I wasn’t really blown away by it. Same as the sequels to the first film. It’s good for Halloween night with kids, but since it never went to the theatre. It isn’t going to win any awards.Shrek Thrilling Tales

Just waiting for LoveFilm to post my next set of DVDs, last one was Avengers Assemble. Which was a pretty awesome film.

So any good films I should put on my list for renting?

Winter is Coming!

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20121012-053711 PM.jpgBy the end of October it will officially be Winter. But already it feels Wintery, evenings are becoming darker sooner. The heavens are opening more often than in Summer. And the chill really goes deep into your bones.

But it’s not all gloomy, the best part of Winter, is being part of a family. Cosying up at night, playing board games and video games, as well as watching TV. As it is the best time of year for TV. But of course christmas is coming up soon.

This will be the first Christmas with Amelia and Amy. So some point in the near future we will be shopping for presents and decorations. And listening to Christmas songs is also a bonus as it is all quite postive considering the rest of the year music can be quite depressing.

Forgot to do a post yesterday Oops.

20121012-064411 PM.jpg

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