The problem with batteries…

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Doing my daily commute is normally filled with either 3Ds games or texting people. However today my 3DS ran out of juice. Plus it’s Friday so everyone else is busy making plans. 

So I went browsing on the net and found some articles on what to do on a commute. This is what they came up with:

  • Listen to music. 
  • Play games. 
  • Read.
  • Write. 
  • Start a business.
  • Blog.

The problem with most of them is that they all require a bit of preparation before a commute and sadly I’m already on my three hour commute. So that really only leaves blogging, which is fine. 

So for the past week and maybe a half I’ve been doing a little experiment with my smartphone. I’ve deleted all social apps except one which allows me to receive picture messaging. I’ve also deleted all online accounts from my phone including email. The aim is to make it as distraction free as possible. The only problem I’ve found with this is that when you need a distraction your limited to the Internet. Which isn’t actually that bad as many websites have better Web apps than phone apps such as Facebook and Twitter. They load a lot faster and less prone to bugs and normally get updates sooner than mobile apps. 

It has also left me with just under 16GB of storage for photos. Which is great considering my phone has such a great camera. 

I would advise anyone with a smartphone to try it for at least a week to see how they find it. You may not like it, you may love it. And for those in the middle ground, you may delete the apps that have Web apps either to save space or because it is a better experience. 



Fun, Fun and Less Fun

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Another day at the office, just been told my talents are being wasted here…what a compliment.

I suppose if I was brave enough I would venture back in to coding and programming. The only problem is I’ve met a couple of these coders and they really don’t understand/listen to the customer.

I’d rather remain in the company providing tech support, however the IT department has been reduced and outsourced to an outside company. As I know the ins and outs of what they need.

Like today printer stopped working, manager couldn’t see why, a few button presses later click, click, click it started running again.

Maybe I should start studying….

20120816-012010 PM.jpg My lovely lunch today, Random