2 Years Today

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Logged in to WordPress today and had a little notification that I have been blogging for two years on WordPress.

Over the past two years I have been trying to find a subject to blog about, that I consistently write about. And as you can see I have kinda succeeded in that area, except I keep forgetting to blog!

From this day forward I will try to blog more regularly and it will be mostly be about gaming and the odd review on Apps that I use.

I was going to do a summary of the past posts, but that will be in future post.


6 Things Blogging Has Taught Me

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I totally agree with it allowing me to keep up a routine, I try to blog everyday, except weekends. That is truly my time to relax. Plus it is the one time I can get plenty of material to write about.
Another plus, is my writing skills have started to improve. Especially my grammar and spelling. It’s helped me a lot at work and also when writing letters to businesses etc.
I always get excited when someone views a post, regardless of whether they have commented/liked it or not. It also has exposed me to other people’s blogs and new ideas and writing styles. One day I hope to write an in-depth essay on something I enjoy.


When I made the decision to start this blog I wasn’t at all convinced that I would stick to it, but now looking back I’m glad I did. Here’s why:

1. Blogging helps me work through and hash out my own thoughts and feeling.

Blogging has forced me to think longer and harder about all the thoughts that race through my brain. If I want to clearly communicate something to other people, then I have to clarify it for myself first.

2. Blogging makes me a better writer. 

I’ve never really considered myself a brilliant wordsmith, and still don’t, but forcing myself to blog at least once a week has helped me to improve my writing skills. The stats provided by WordPress are also an extraordinary help in knowing what topics are reaching people and what is falling flat.

3. Blogging helps me be more disciplined. 

Success in life is not…

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Metaphor and Simile

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Metaphor and Simile.

The above blog is really helpful for developing writing skills. Today’s post is about Similes and metaphors. Very useful vehicles for describing. Will be trying to incorporate them more in my blog.

I have found my writing style leaves plenty to be desired. So will be over the coming months try improving my grammar etc. Hopefully will make each post more enjoyable to read and easier to relate to.

Anyway, speak later.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Mail it In

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Thought I would try one of the weekly writing challenges that WordPress have come up with, it’s called Mail it in. It is meant to be about sending an email to write a post. But I personally prefer the default editor. Plus the second part to it is:

  • Talk about email itself. Do you roll out of bed each morning, dreading to check your inbox? Or do you thrive on the accomplishment of clearing your unread emails each day? For those of us who remember the days pre-email, we know not to take online communication for granted and remember both the pros and cons of relying on telephones, snail mail, and even spontaneous visits to a friend’s home as the only way to stay in touch.

So here we go, here is my take on wonderful email (In the style of an email):

To: Email@email.com
From: Unwise_Words@email.com

Subject: How awesome you really are 🙂

Good Afternoon Mr. Email,

I would like to take this time out of our busy schedules to tell you how you have changed my life, for better and for worse. Let’s begin…

You enable people to communicate over vast distances in a matter of seconds, share photos, documents and videos to our loved ones. You allow us to schedule meetings in both the real and digital world. You bring together people, who would never have spoken before. I can send an email, which can post blogs, update statuses, change features all thanks to brand new uses.

However, being more available to communicate has led me to a disadvantage. People who email us expect replies within a nano second of the email leaving their outbox. It also means we are more available for work to communicate to us, I.e would you come in today as we are really busy. SPAM! If it wasn’t for spam filters, my inbox would be struggling to hold it’s self together with all this pointless spam. But sometimes it’s useful.

All good things however must come to an end…so far your time is far from over keep up the good work 🙂

Kind Regards

Your number 1 user 🙂

The Minimalist’s Guide 2.0

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The Minimalist’s Guide 2.0.

From the Guide

Read the above guide, I found it very enlightening.

I find myself constantly hording stuff I don’t need, such as old toys, gadgets, video games, movies etc. Has this benefited me in anyway? nope.

I look around my bedroom and see clutter everywhere, pointless junk that I think I may need but don’t.

Think of this:

The word vacation, in fact, comes from the Latin vacare, meaning, “to be empty.” No wonder we love to away from it all!

So during one of the best times of our lives, we actually have a lot less. Because of this I am thinking of having a big clear out, as an uncluttered living space results in an uncluttered mind.

Oh and down there is a photo of my lovely mess.

My messy room

My mess pit






What is cluttering your life?