Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That was a long month of typing words for an insanely amount of time. So how well did I do? Well I got to around 38k of words at the end of NaNoWrimo, which I am very proud of. However, if it was any other month, except December, I know I would have passed 50,000 words easily.

As a treat for doing so well, I bought myself Final Fantasy X, this was one of the games that I played and loved the most.

 The story is about Tidus, hates his late father, and his a superstar (like his father) at the game blitzball. Events unfold and he is thrown 1,000 years into the future. His city has been destroyed, by the very thing that sent him forward. I will not give away any spoilers. If you want to play it either get it on Amazon or eBay.

 Hopefully these updates will come more often. Post soon.