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Video Game Timeline

Video Game Timeline (Photo credit: Emilie Ogez)

Hi all,

Just wanted to drop in and point you to a new blog project I am doing with my partner Amy. So far we haven’t come up with a catchy name so it’s just called Amy and Brendan. Not an amazing title, but will be soon.

So from now on, all future video game reviews will be on that site, I have not copied any of my earlier reviews over because they do not follow the format I would like them to.

Please stop by and have a peek, we will both be reviewing games, from a family friendly  and a hardcore gamer perspective. Enjoy!!


A Quest, A dragon, Metal Slimes!

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DragonQuestIXBoxArtJP.png (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, so I bought myself Final Fantasy X, however I kinda only play it two days a week. The main video game I am indulging in is Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of The Starry Skies for the Nintendo DS.The Plot

You are an apprentice angel, defending mortals that live in Angel Falls from fiends. You are then promoted to Angel due to raising your first benevolence. However, this only lasts a very short time. Later on you lose your status as an angel and find yourself crashing down back to earth as a mere mortal. With the help of your sidekick and friends, will you ever become an angel again?


I have only played 8 hours of it so far, and it is a really good game. The RPG element is kept as simple as possible, so that younger generations can easily pick it up and play. It has a basic leveling up system, with the only choices you have is advancing in a specific skill or your class main ability. This simplicity however makes it a joy to play. You also have access to a boatload of clothes and armour to find, buy, steal or make.

The best way to level up on this game is to battle Metal Slimes, which are easy to beat. However, they do tend to flee a lot and are quite rare.

The graphics are beautiful and the characters are varied and not as in-depth than Final Fantasy, the party you’re in consists of either other players or characters you design and make. Though, they never give to the story, only support you during battle.


If your new to RPGs, then get this game. If you want an RPG with co-op abilities get this game. There is no reason not to play it. Anyway I’m just going to do battle with more of those silver slimes.

I’m Back!

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Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That was a long month of typing words for an insanely amount of time. So how well did I do? Well I got to around 38k of words at the end of NaNoWrimo, which I am very proud of. However, if it was any other month, except December, I know I would have passed 50,000 words easily.

As a treat for doing so well, I bought myself Final Fantasy X, this was one of the games that I played and loved the most.

 The story is about Tidus, hates his late father, and his a superstar (like his father) at the game blitzball. Events unfold and he is thrown 1,000 years into the future. His city has been destroyed, by the very thing that sent him forward. I will not give away any spoilers. If you want to play it either get it on Amazon or eBay.

 Hopefully these updates will come more often. Post soon.