So it’s been 5 days of solid writing for the NaNoWrimo 50,000 word challenge. I was on track Saturday and then yesterday I had other commitments to attend to.

Luckily due to the amount of extra words I built up in the previous few days, I only have to add about 200 words to my target for today. I have already done a brief outline of the next chapter and will hopefully get it completed by tonight. Though I have to clear out a full cupboard which needs reorganising.

So you want to know about my book? then see below:

The Unbroken


The tribe he knows and loves is starting to hate him. They have declared open war on a nearby lord. And have also declared not-so-open war on him. They have taken away everything from him his chance at a family and his past. So what will he do to avenge them? Or will he sit back and let them take control of his life?


Devran Malberry (AKA. Dev) – The main protagonist of the story, he loses a precious thing early on and it set’s him off on a journey that will turn him from a mere man into a legend.

The Seer – The leader of the Herc tribe that Dev is part of. Suspicious and scheming only those closest to him know his real motives for taking over a city.

Lord Richard Somme – Lord of Avile, and legend of his time. Part of the three lords that saved the nation from the underlings.

Harry Seed (Aka. Seedy) – Dev’s closest friend and will follow him to his death.

Page – Somme’s errand boy, but for some reason Richard believes he can be so much more. Training and a path to enlightenment shall follow.

So that’s all I’m giving you!