My weekend was filled full of DVDs, partly because my dad and brother came over, partly because Amy bought some new ones. Sounds like a very lazy weekend does it not?


First film we watched was Jumanji, I haven’t watched this since VHS was the main media and DVDs were only a concept. Just a quick summary A board game was found in 1969 by a young boy. He disappears after playing it. 26 years later, the game is found again by two siblings who later release the other boy and many troublesome events occur. I loved this film then, and I still love it now. Would be nice for some sequel.

Scared Shrekless

Second and third were two short films involving Shrek and his buddies. It’s called scared Shrekless. It was relatively funny and they revisited¬†a few characters. But I wasn’t really blown away by it. Same as the sequels to the first film. It’s good for Halloween night with kids, but since it never went to the theatre. It isn’t going to win any awards.Shrek Thrilling Tales

Just waiting for LoveFilm to post my next set of DVDs, last one was Avengers Assemble. Which was a pretty awesome film.

So any good films I should put on my list for renting?