20121012-053711 PM.jpgBy the end of October it will officially be Winter. But already it feels Wintery, evenings are becoming darker sooner. The heavens are opening more often than in Summer. And the chill really goes deep into your bones.

But it’s not all gloomy, the best part of Winter, is being part of a family. Cosying up at night, playing board games and video games, as well as watching TV. As it is the best time of year for TV. But of course christmas is coming up soon.

This will be the first Christmas with Amelia and Amy. So some point in the near future we will be shopping for presents and decorations. And listening to Christmas songs is also a bonus as it is all quite postive considering the rest of the year music can be quite depressing.

Forgot to do a post yesterday Oops.

20121012-064411 PM.jpg