Already the three-day weekend is over. It didn’t feel any longer than a two-day weekend.

So what did I do? Well Saturday was spend decorating the flat. One of Amy’s friends came over and laid the wood flooring. It has greatly improved the appearance of the living room. It is also far more practical. While he was doing that, I was busy stripping down Amelia’s bedroom walls. Took a lot longer than expected, some parts of the lining paper just wouldn’t budge. But eventually got one wall cleared. Hope to get the rest done and walls prepped by the end of next week.

Sunday we went to Stevenage wedding Fayre. It was wonderful if we had anything left to buy or plan for but we didn’t. So we only watched the wedding show, and left as soon as it finished. So that will be our last fayre before the wedding.

On Monday I was meant to hand in my notice of marriage. However I couldn’t find my full birth certificate so that was a waste of three hours. Hopefully get it by the end of October. Otherwise we will have to postpone the event. Which isn’t what we want. Apart from going out to get the notice, the rest of the day was spent being lazy. Watching DVDs and playing with Amelia.

Book-wise, I haven’t read any more of Clash of Kings. Just wanted to relax by watching TV and not read for some reason.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a news update for it. That’s all for today bye.