The Game of Thrones season 1 was epic, it wasn’t how I pictured the book to be like but it was brilliant.

Since I’m not a millionaire, I can’t afford Sky TV. This leaves me either to watch it pirated over the Internet or wait for the DVD. I have chosen the legal option of waiting until next year for season 2.

But with LoveFilm, Hulu and Netflix you would have thought they would have got the licence to show each season a couple of months after the end of the TV showing. It has been reported by Forbes however that, The Game of Thrones is looking to be the most pirated TV series of this year.

I only did A level business, but surely a monthly fee to just watch this series (using the above services) would make them more of a profit than just limiting its audience to Sky subscribers and pirates. It’s like providing a phone only contract, the competitors will steal your ideas and competition at best. At worst the Chinese will copy it.

So come on HBO, let us simpletons watch it and pay smaller fee, rather than getting a package that comes with a lot of crap. Surely it will benefit both of us?