I totally agree with it allowing me to keep up a routine, I try to blog everyday, except weekends. That is truly my time to relax. Plus it is the one time I can get plenty of material to write about.
Another plus, is my writing skills have started to improve. Especially my grammar and spelling. It’s helped me a lot at work and also when writing letters to businesses etc.
I always get excited when someone views a post, regardless of whether they have commented/liked it or not. It also has exposed me to other people’s blogs and new ideas and writing styles. One day I hope to write an in-depth essay on something I enjoy.


When I made the decision to start this blog I wasn’t at all convinced that I would stick to it, but now looking back I’m glad I did. Here’s why:

1. Blogging helps me work through and hash out my own thoughts and feeling.

Blogging has forced me to think longer and harder about all the thoughts that race through my brain. If I want to clearly communicate something to other people, then I have to clarify it for myself first.

2. Blogging makes me a better writer. 

I’ve never really considered myself a brilliant wordsmith, and still don’t, but forcing myself to blog at least once a week has helped me to improve my writing skills. The stats provided by WordPress are also an extraordinary help in knowing what topics are reaching people and what is falling flat.

3. Blogging helps me be more disciplined. 

Success in life is not…

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