Not Tesco Everyday Value Burger and chips

So today I decided to try something different, write a little post on ready meals and the quality etc.

Today’s victim is Tesco’s Everyday Value Burger and Chips Ready Meal. At just £1 it is unbelieveably cheap. So what do you get for paying so little?

The portion of chips provided were tiny, but they tasted really nice. However they were a bit soft. For the price however it is forgiveable.

The burger however, was very tasty and a nice size. I had no complaints with this and would buy more packs just for the burger alone. The beef was thin, but tasted authentic. The cheese…well was processed and tasted as good as any. The buns were like real buns. So perfect really.

To Buy or Not to Buy?
If your planning to have this as part as you lunch I would recommend you buy an extra portion of chips to make it filling. And maybe some salad and sauce. But other than that yes go buy it 4/5