Before we start, I usually read all my books on a Kindle Touch. This is because its smaller than most books and it is easier to buy new reads. It is also quicker.

So yesterday (20.09.2012) I was reading The wise man’s fear. It was going really well, got past the 50% mark and was really getting it. Accidentally turned the page, now if you press on the top left of the screen it will go back a page, normally. But it didn’t, it kept moving page forward and sometimes gets locked in a cycle of the same two pages.

In the end, I had to use the Go To function to get to the right page. This really annoyed me. This has happened multiple times and is really annoying. I wish I spent less on the normal version. But since Kindle have one of the biggest book stores behind it I’m not going to abandon it. Next generation I hope they fix this bug.

In other news, I feel like today is going to be a pain. Already lost my keys…I’ll update tomorrow regarding if it is. But I guess at least it’s Friday. Oh and I’ve also been told that I have to book more holiday. But only have 3 months to do it in. Any ideas? Got 12 days to book.