Thought I’d share with you what I got up to yesterday. Nothing exciting.

Everyday I’m traveling
Get up at 6, stagger around the flat getting dressed. Then a short bus and train journey to mum’s.

Quick drink and a bit of breakfast, then off again for another 40 minute bus journey. During which I read. Then pop to shops to get lunch then a 10 minute bus to work. So ignoring the breaks in between it takes around an hour to get to work. With breaks it takes 2 hours 30 minutes. Phew…

Another Day Another (hopefully not)Dollar

So at work, it’s the second best week of the month, so much work. Which means time flies. So roughly two meetings a day. And plenty of follow-up work.

Only downside of yesterday was I couldn’t get a ready meal do settled for crisps and a sandwich.

Home Sweet Home
After the long commute back, chilled with the Mrs. Watched a film, tidied then ate like a pig. Amy had a cold so didn’t feel like eating, so I got extra portions. Hope she feels better though, can’t keep eating like this forever think of my waistline :p.

So there we go an average day in the life of me.