The Kingkiller Chronicle is my most frustrating read so far. If you haven’t read it, then don’t read on.

Denna is the main characters love interest. She is very secretive and very hard to find, she lives the traveller’s life. Which makes her the perfect companion for Kvothe, who was part of a traveling troupe before the troupe was killed off.

So far in the book, it was mainly one-sided. Kvothe loves Denna, but she may or may not love him. In the most recent chapter I am up to, Denna has given Kvothe a new lute box. She even started saying how being with him let’s her forget about the world. Aww how sweet. Then the chapter ends, and he’s on the way back to university.

Well fingers crossed they have a happy ending. But knowing how easily Rothfuss killed off Kvothe’s family, I very much doubt it.