So yesterday the iPhone 5 was announced. With all it’s specs. But should you buy one?

The screen is half an inch bigger, which is a big plus as the Samsung Galaxy SIII has a very big screen. The processor is twice as powerful as the iPhone 4s, plus it supports 4G speeds. It is also slightly thinner than the 4s.

Sounds good so far, but if you compare it to the 4S nothing really has changed, plus both will benefit from IOS 6. If you’ve currently got a 4S and your contract hasn’t expired wait it out. Assuming the 5 will follow its predecessors, the iPhone 5s/gs will be out 2014, which is when most 4s contracts end and will be much better than the 5 and the 4s.

One big minus is the new connector, this means all docks prior to the iPhone 5 won’t be comparable. There is an adapter but it’s £25!! If you wait, more docks will come with the new port, plus third party adapters will be available which will be considerable cheaper.

All in all, got an iPhone 4 get a iPhone 5. Got an iPhone 4s, wait until the next version. And new to IOS devices, get which ever one you like.


The Gadget Show | iPhone 5 official: Massive screen, super speed, iOS 6 and more! by The Gadget Show