Yesterday I failed, I was trying to fix my bike and thought the only problem was the chain. I bought a new chain and a chain link remover tool, I then set to work.Due to my impatience I didn’t take a photo or note how the chain works it’s way around the chain set. This was my downhill. I removed the chain off the bike, but the pin went flying into some grass. Next came applying the chain to the bike. Well sadly this didn’t happen, I tried and tried yet no success. Eventually I gave up.

However I tried to wheel the bike back to the shed. It wouldn’t budge, the chain set was still stuck. After a few kicks in vital areas of the bike it finally started to move. Now I know that the chain was ok, but the chainset wasn’t…that’s going to be a lot of money to replace.

At least £50 for a decent one, however I have one other option: Cycle2Work scheme.