Metaphor and Simile

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Metaphor and Simile.

The above blog is really helpful for developing writing skills. Today’s post is about Similes and metaphors. Very useful vehicles for describing. Will be trying to incorporate them more in my blog.

I have found my writing style leaves plenty to be desired. So will be over the coming months try improving my grammar etc. Hopefully will make each post more enjoyable to read and easier to relate to.

Anyway, speak later.


The Wise Man Always Has Fear

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The Wise Man's Fear
Normally the sequel is worse than the first title in a series. Well this book bucks the trend. A lot more action, learning magic and meeting new people. You’ll find yourself asking, what will he do next?
So the book follows the story of Kvothe, a hero, a arcanist and a man of many stories. In the first book we find him surviving the death of his home, living in poverty in a rancid city and finally arriving and learning at the University.The second book is about his gap year. This is because of the fight between him and Ambrose is damaging the reputation of the university, so he leaves. The gap year involved a lot more learning than in the previous book even though he is away from the university.He meets many different people and languages. Spends a couple of months with them, then he leaves to meet new adventures. There is never a dull moment, whether he is hanging around Denna, or baring down on some little bandits. Even though he is book clever, he isn’t particularly world smart. Except when it comes to conversing and convincing people.

So why should you be reading it? Well if you’ve always wanted to read an adult fantasy series about wizards, which uses the laws of science to back up. Then this is the book for you. The only bad moment is, I now have to wait until next year for the next book. But I can wait.

My favourite part is More

What I did Last Weekend

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Not a lot really…

…The highlight was trying on suits for our special day. Felt so comfortable in them. Already chosen the full suit, and I’m loving it (So does Amy).

…that was Saturday, Sunday was a pretty chilled day watching my first race of the current F1 season. Quite a few crashes, but playing with Amy & Amelia was more interesting.

…lots of wedding changes, due to budgeting issues. But we are still getting married. Can’t wait, don’t care how cheap it seems. At the end of the day, she will be my wife.

Tomorrow I’m planning a little rant, not going to say what about. But it’s relevant to young couples.

Selfish bus passengers

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Just sitting on the bus right now with Amy and Amelia. Struggling to keep the buggy tipping with my arm.

So who’s being selfish? There is an oldish lady that decided that she could take up the buggy space with her shopping trolley.

The only reason we didn’t fold up the buggy is because Amelia is asleep. So we were cramped in a corner.

Another little moan, people who don’t let the old/disabled/parents with pushchairs get off the bus first. Which is very selfish.

So you ever been in either situation? How do you feel about it?

Tesco Everyday Value burger and chips

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Not Tesco Everyday Value Burger and chips

So today I decided to try something different, write a little post on ready meals and the quality etc.

Today’s victim is Tesco’s Everyday Value Burger and Chips Ready Meal. At just £1 it is unbelieveably cheap. So what do you get for paying so little?

The portion of chips provided were tiny, but they tasted really nice. However they were a bit soft. For the price however it is forgiveable.

The burger however, was very tasty and a nice size. I had no complaints with this and would buy more packs just for the burger alone. The beef was thin, but tasted authentic. The cheese…well was processed and tasted as good as any. The buns were like real buns. So perfect really.

To Buy or Not to Buy?
If your planning to have this as part as you lunch I would recommend you buy an extra portion of chips to make it filling. And maybe some salad and sauce. But other than that yes go buy it 4/5

Kindle Touch Bug

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Before we start, I usually read all my books on a Kindle Touch. This is because its smaller than most books and it is easier to buy new reads. It is also quicker.

So yesterday (20.09.2012) I was reading The wise man’s fear. It was going really well, got past the 50% mark and was really getting it. Accidentally turned the page, now if you press on the top left of the screen it will go back a page, normally. But it didn’t, it kept moving page forward and sometimes gets locked in a cycle of the same two pages.

In the end, I had to use the Go To function to get to the right page. This really annoyed me. This has happened multiple times and is really annoying. I wish I spent less on the normal version. But since Kindle have one of the biggest book stores behind it I’m not going to abandon it. Next generation I hope they fix this bug.

In other news, I feel like today is going to be a pain. Already lost my keys…I’ll update tomorrow regarding if it is. But I guess at least it’s Friday. Oh and I’ve also been told that I have to book more holiday. But only have 3 months to do it in. Any ideas? Got 12 days to book.

New ASDA Pasta Pot Meals

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20120920-011014 PM.jpg

Just trying out these new lunch pots. Looks like crap hope it tastes good.
UPDATE: It tasted alright, considering it was only 50p. I prefer Amy’s Bolognese much more. The one she made was so nice, it made me change my opinion on Bolognese forever. If bolognese was a cactus, hers would be spineless.

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