Umbrella, the biggest company in the world, accidentally released the T-Virus. The T-Virus turns humans into dangerous zombies, in some unique cases it either makes the person retain their control or turn them into monstrosities.

After escaping control of Umbrella and letting the colony leave to find paradise, Alice confronts Wesker (CEO of Umbrella) in the Tokyo headquarters. Following the battle, Alice searches for the colony and the paradise. The paradise is supposedly a safe haven from the T-Virus and has everything needed to survive.
First couple of scenes contains too much C.G.I., which ruins the beginning of the film, it involves clones and slow motion bullets. The film does get a lot better, the CGI is reduced as does the strength of the main character, which balances out the fairness.

The film gets much better after the C.G.I. decreases. The ending will disappoint fans of the video franchise.