Resident Evil Apocalypse Box ArtStory So Far

In the first film, Alice woke up in a strange mansion after being knocked unconscious by some sort of gas. She meets up with An Umbrella Squad, and they delve into the heart of The Hive. Inside they find that it is spookly quiet and that everyone appears to be dead. After shutting down the A.I. the zombies escape from behind closed doors and horror ensues.

The majority of the squad are killed by either the A.I. or the zombies. Alice and Matt (Enviromentalist) manage to escape The Hive. No happy ending though Matt get’s infected and then some scientist dressed in white appear and take them both away.


In this film, Alice once again wakes up to a deserted location, except this time it is Raccoon City which has been infected by the virus. She meets up with Jill Valentine and two civilians. Alfred Ashford gives them a way out if they save his daughter. They have a limited amount of time as Umbrella has planned a tactical Nuclear to sanatise and wipe out Raccoon City.


Again this film is mainly about the two main female characters who can both kick some butt which is pretty awesome, some of the effects they pull off however make it more of a action film than a horror film, though when the zombies first appear the skip frame effect makes it slightly scary. This film brings some characters from the game including Jill and the Ashfords.

So this film is mainly aimed at the fanbase and action fans, it isn’t particular scary but has some amazing action moments, especially when Alice drops her weapon, and I enjoyed it regardless.

Afterall it must be pretty good if it is one of the most successful game to film conversions ever.