The Minimalist’s Guide 2.0.

From the Guide

Read the above guide, I found it very enlightening.

I find myself constantly hording stuff I don’t need, such as old toys, gadgets, video games, movies etc. Has this benefited me in anyway? nope.

I look around my bedroom and see clutter everywhere, pointless junk that I think I may need but don’t.

Think of this:

The word vacation, in fact, comes from the Latin vacare, meaning, “to be empty.” No wonder we love to away from it all!

So during one of the best times of our lives, we actually have a lot less. Because of this I am thinking of having a big clear out, as an uncluttered living space results in an uncluttered mind.

Oh and down there is a photo of my lovely mess.

My messy room

My mess pit






What is cluttering your life?