Have you ever been good at something, but gotten bored of doing it?

I have studied IT for 4 long years, and just got bored of the attention to detail and how much stuff the lessons don’t teach you to get a job. (I.e C+) so would have to go to university to progress but no funding, plus I only liked it as a hobby.

So decided to take on a business diploma, which I enjoyed so much more even though I was worse at it. Main reason we got to run a registered company and take all the earnings, well that was the plan, went into debt.

Now fast forward two years and I now have a job at reputable distribution company in the finance department. Within a few weeks we had new PCs and the updated Microsoft Office 2007, in a matter of hours I reverted back to being Mr IT. I started helping out the rest of the staff to get their machines the way they wanted.

Battling with Outlook to get it to insert attachments the old way, to convincing SAP to revert its colours to the previous version’s theme. Though today Excel got the better of me, froze up and refused to recover anything.

Typical thought I got away from all that.