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Version Reviewed: Playstation 3
This game is based around the ARK, the last bastion for the human race after the Ice caps finally melted. Two factions arose the Resistance, who want to go search for other humans outside of the ARK, and the Security, who want to keep them here to protect them from the outside world.

You can play as either Resistance or Security but in the end you can play as either so doesn’t really matter who you choose at the start.

Character customisation is available you can choose weapons, voice, appearance and body type. Only body type and weapons effect the gameplay. Body type affects the damage you take as well as your athletic ability, while weapons is obvious.

There are around 16 missions which can be played either solo with computer controlled teams or Online, with players on both sides. After being assigned a team you have to choose a class. These are:

  • Soldier – Blow things up
  • Engineer – Fix things and turret deployment
  • Medic – Fix team mates and buffering
  • Operative – Disguises and hacking

Depending on the task at hand you can either choose to play as a relevant class (E.g. Soldier when you need to bomb something) or you can play as the other classes to support the team. I particular enjoyed playing as the medic as there always seems to be a lack of them plus I always seemed to get the highest XP for playing them. Oh yeah the level up system is used to unlock new abilities and new appearance options, to unlock weapons and attachments you have to play challenges.

The challenges are aimed to test your skills as each of the classes, level 2 of each challenge feels impossible, but with patience and skill you eventually unlock all the gear.

I found this game entertaining but frustrating. When hacking stuff you are totally vulnerable and cannot equip your weapons without disrupting the hacking process which is slow and painful to go through. Most of the time climbing over objects puts you at a disadvantage but can be awesome when used effectively. If you have a bunch of friends that like multiplayer games then get this game and make a team as this is where the game excels.

I┬álove the fact it isn’t like most shoot-em-ups where the aim is to kill everything as the aim is just to complete goals which makes tactics important, but even so I did get bored rather quickly the campaign should have been more about exploration. Overall I would give this 8/10.


MUSIC REVIEW: Hell The Sequel

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This is the long awaited album from Bad Meets Evil Aka Eminem and Royce Da 5’9. If you had a copy of The Slim Shady LP you could listen to their first studio track called Bad Meets Evil.

Track List

  1. Welcome 2 Hell
  2. Fast Lane
  3. The Reunion
  4. Above the Law
  5. I’m on Everything
  6. A Kiss
  7. Lighters ft. Bruno Mars
  8. Take From Me
  9. Loud Noises
  10. Living Prood
  11. Echo

Notable Tracks
Fast Lane is the first single from the album. It is one of those “I’m the best, everyone else sucks”. But the lyrical content is hilarious especially the Nicki Minaj line. 6/10

Above the Law is one of three of my favourite tracks off this album. Maybe it is because of the female singer which is always a nice thing to have on the side. This album features a lot of bragging and this one is one of the best of the lot. 8/10

Lighters is another of my favourites, it includes Bruno Mars, this song is more about having dreams and going out and getting them. I love the chorus, I hope Bruno decides to do a part 2 solo of this as it would be epic. This is one of the first tracks to get me hooked to this album.

The final and my favourite is Take from Me, it is about how people keep asking for things and taking them without giving you anything for it. I’m sure many of you can relate to this as I certainly can. I can’t get enough of this track. 9/10

This is an OK album I wouldn’t say it was brilliant but it definitely has many notable tracks. Royce is the only artist I believe that can hold a candle to Eminem and does pretty well on this album. I would say this album gets 8/10 which means I will definitely still be listening to the notable tracks


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War Torn
War Torn by Andy McNab

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

War Torn is a fictional Military book about a British squad entering Afghanistan. Their mission is simple protect the civilians at the Forward Operating Base (FOB) so that they can dig for that precious resource oil. Within minutes of heading towards the FOB they are ambushed and lose two men who have to be sent back.

The book mostly follows the viewpoint of Sergeant Dave who is in charge of this platoon. His mission is to train these new recruits into formidable fighting machines. The viewpoint switches many times, from each soldier in the platoon to the wives and families back home and the dramas arising back there.

The authors both McNab and Kym Jordan really make you feel like you are in the battle zone as well as back home with the families. The way the FOB is described makes you feel a part of it, like your just another soldier wondering around this platoon. The episodes back home are much better than any episode of EastEnders as they are believable and you could actually see it happening.

Overall I loved this book from the onset, I did find it difficult to begin with as I kept trying to figure out who each character is but once you do it is a beautiful written book, let us hope for a sequel.


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Hi readers,

my name is Brendan and will be using this blog to comment on my daily activities. The three main topics are sport (F1 and my exercises), Games (All Consoles) and the books that I read.

Depending on the amount I can blog about will affect the frequency of the blog updates, I will aim to at least blog once every two days, though at the least will stretch to a week.

So a little bit about me, I’m a student studying Business at A level and I am hoping to have a career in the form of accounting or another financial role. During my spare time I tend to play on my Xbox 360 or PS3. If I have the energy and the weather permits I usually go out on my bike around the local roads and bridal ways to try and keep fit. Recently after a personal issue I have taken up reading which I used to do regularly 5 years ago but lost interest as I couldn’t find any books that interested me.
Here is what I will aim to cover:

Games – Reviews or progress on titles

Sports – Formula one results and opinion. Mountain biking diary

Books – Progress and review of titles.

So there we go, my first blog entry and hopefully the first of many. My next post will be about games and a book review as well as progress on my cycling.